In just a few clicks, you can get back in touch with all of last year's workers with details on the upcoming season, pay and benefits. Our app is designed to keep you in touch with your workers from year to year, even if they change their phone numbers. You can also now anonymously survey your workers to learn how you can improve employee retention. 


First five employees are free. Employers pay $1 per worker per month after that with unlimited on-app messaging. Off-app text messages are $0.05/message per recipient.



1. Download the Ganaz app on your iPhone or Android device. 

2. Add workers you know using a few options:

  • Directly in the app by entering their phone number and sending them an invitation
  • Sharing instruction cards with your workers (order them from
  • Send a spreadsheet with your workers' phone numbers to and we'll invite them

3. Select workers you'd like to communicate with, draft your message, select auto-translate if you'd like help with your español, and hit send.