There are over 400 million farmworkers around the world who plant, grow, and harvest the food we eat everyday.  However they face the daily risk of wage theft, sexual harassment, and unsafe working conditions.  Here in the U.S. an estimated $3.1B in fresh produce is left in the field due to a worsening farmworker labor shortage as farmworkers leave the industry.

Ganaz is like Glassdoor meets WhatsApp for low wage, low literacy farm workers and their employers. We connect farm owners that need good workers with workers that need good jobs with the aim of improving working conditions for everyone.


Chief Technology Officer (Seattle, WA)

We’re seeking our first Chief Technical Officer who will join two industry veteran co-founders. This role will be pivotal to Ganaz’s growth - we have proven market demand, and are limited only by our ability to execute on our product. We’re seeking a proven technologist and experienced leader of engineering teams to help us capitalize on this tremendous opportunity. This team member will translate business opportunity into technical strategy, defining the future of our platform and hiring the team to build and support it.

Our CTO will:

  • Serve as Chief Architect of our platform as we move our technical stack in-house from a third-party consultancy
  • Roll up his/her sleeves and get deep in code as our first in-house developer
  • Be a cultural force for our engineering team, recruiting, mentoring, and motivating a world-class team of technical talent

An ideal candidate will offer:

  • Prior startup leadership experience
  • A strong desire to serve as a mentor and culture builder for our engineering organization
  • Deep technical experience in multiple languages and technologies, and familiarity with our Node.js and MongoDB stack
  • Prior experience designing and architecting highly-scalable web applications (we run on AWS)
  • Expertise in native mobile languages (Objective-C and Java) and technologies (we support both iOS and Android, and mobile is a huge part of our product); Note, we're considering migrating to React Native

We’re looking for someone passionate about making the world better, who loves to create great technology products, and is fun to work with.  If that sounds like you, please apply here.