CTO / Systems Architect

There are over a million farm workers in the U.S. who plant, grow and harvest the food we eat everyday. They face the daily risk of wage theft, sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions, earning an average income of $10K-$12K a year. At the same time, an estimated $3.1B in fresh produce goes un-grown due to a worsening farmworker labor shortage in the US.

Ganaz is like Glassdoor for low wage, low literacy farm workers and their employers. We connect farm owners that need good workers with workers that need good jobs. Employers use Ganaz to recruit, engage and retain their workforce.

Our product allows farm owners to recruit workers by posting jobs electronically and communicate with them once on the job. Similarly, farm workers can view job postings, as well as reviews of farms to understand what working conditions are like.

We've launched eight versions of our app in about 8 months using a fantastic team of developers in Serbia, and are now looking to build out our own in-house team as we iterate our product and get market traction.  In those same 8 months we've worked with dozens of farms, some of whom pay us, and have reached 1,000+ Monthly Active Users on our app.  

The ideal candidate will be:

  • First and foremost be a great thought partner as we evaluate which technology solutions can address the needs of low-literacy and low-access populations (farm workers in the U.S. and abroad)

  • Great at designing technical solutions in a way that promote adaptability and nimbleness

  • A great project manager - knowing how to manage moving complex parts while maintaining deadlines

  • An excellent people developer - building a technical team from scratch as funding allows and the need arises

  • A developer who can implement at least some of the required work themselves

You’ll be joining a team of two industry veterans in food sustainability - we have backgrounds in business, engineering, consulting, food, and sustainability, and have great connections in the industry. We just need a great tech-lead to complement our team.

At this stage we're open to different possibilities - a hands-on advisor, a co-founder, an employee paid in part by equity, or others. If you’re interested, let's start with a conversation and see whether we can work out a match.  We have enough funding for about a year and are planning to raise our next round in June.

Please send a CV and cover letter to info@ganazapp.com