We give you the tools you need to draft, translate and blast your messages to your crews in seconds. Starting in late September, you can get your message to all your workers, regardless of whether they have the app yet. 


The first 30 days is completely free. Thereafter, in 2018 it's $1/worker/month plus SMS charges (the app will show you any charges before you hit send). AND you get unlimited job postings once you've onboarded your workforce. Your workforce will NOT see jobs from other employers unless/until you toggle them to "off-season."  

PROMOTION: Add your workers before March 10th, and you'll get an additional 30 days of Ganaz communications for free except for SMS charges. 



1. Download the Ganaz app on your iPhone or Android device. 

2. Add workers you know using a few options:

  • Directly in the app by entering their phone number and sending them an invitation
  • Sharing instruction cards with your workers (order them from info@ganazapp.com)
  • Send a spreadsheet with your workers' phone numbers to info@GanazApp.com and we'll invite them

3. Select workers you'd like to communicate with, draft your message, select auto-translate if you'd like help with your español, and hit send.